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Skin Care - Microcurrent - Microdermabrasion - Bio-Therapeutic

Bio-Therapeutic is a recognized global leader in advanced clinical skin care with a focus on anti-aging technology. With a passion for excellence, Bio- Therapeutic is a FDA and ISO registered beauty/medical device manufacturer, upholding the highest quality standards in worldwide equipment manufacturing. Our devices are safety tested and UL/CSA listed.

Bio-Therapeutic Computers Pvt. Ltd. (BTCPL) is an Indian joint venture between the Trivedi Groupe of companies and Bio-Therapeutic Inc, USA. BTCPL is involved in the manufacture and supply of Micro current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (MENS) machines for beauty treatments, hair growth and medical disorders.

The MENS machines are also extensively used with Micro Dermabrasion machines at beauty clinics for improving muscle tone and skin texture. BTCPL machines are highly effective for cellulite control as well.