Strategic 3 Part Energy Skin Care System

Energy 1 Sepicalm VG is a lightener and brightener, and has a soothing effect. Eases dark spots created by stress, UV exposure, pollution, and acne. Reduces redness, and relieves sensitive and irritated skin. Thiotaine is a powerful antioxidant and amino acid that supports ATP. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory, helping the skin to be more flexible and supple. Thiotaine brightens and enhances the natural skin tone.

Energy 2 HYDRACTIN® optimizes the water balance of the skin and reduces water loss. The enzyme from papaya removes old skin cells and promotes skin renewal. HYDRACTIN® offers a fresh appearance while boosting moisture and natural energy. AC Dermal Peptide Micro C has shown to contain a high level of antioxidants ranging from ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glutathione (antioxidant found in leafy greens) which helps in improving skin brightness and clarity.

Energy 3 Skin aging and chronic UV exposure leads to increased skin fragility, leathery skin appearance, and formation of wrinkles. SYN®-COLL is the ideal ingredient effective in softening the skin. Marrubium vulgare stems are strong in antioxidant activity and offer multiphase defense systems associated with environmental stresses.